Crown welcomed Marion Rostan, a French Business Masters student to our offices for work experience. Here's what she had to say about her time at Crown.

For my first week, I started on a Wednesday which was nice, but also a little stressful as I was worried about not understanding the tasks assigned to me. The language was the main issue for me but worked out fine in the end. I didn't know about the "English business world" so I was wondering if there will be a lot of differences or not with French business. 

My first main task was to carry out a research for a survey, working in the sales and marketing team with Cecilia, Rebecca and Leanora. At the same time, I had to do little updates on diverse tasks. I went on site twice; once for an event and once to carry out some competitor monitoring.

My time at Crown was most enjoyable. Especially all the staff's availability, patience and understanding regarding my language and experience. Cecilia, my main manager, was particularly patient and good at explaining. As was Rebecca, Nicky, Leanora and Gavin, the people I most worked with during the month. Also, everybody cared about how I felt during my stay, especially Simon. I was not dropped into the ocean on my own; there is definitely a solidarity at Crown.

I learned a lot about the basics as I’ve never worked in events before, and also a lot about the English lifestyle and phrases, especially the colloquial English :) I did however, quickly learn that being onsite was not a strength of mine!

The Wine Club organised every Friday afternoon was a real highlight. I think it is really good for the company members' cohesion.

I don't know precisely know if I would consider a career in events as I was only with Crown for a month, but if I can find a job in the marketing department, why not! 

My advice for anyone doing work experience in the industry is to have an overall view on projects, especially as the venue and the client are the key stakeholders. Also, I would recommend to do it in a small-medium size company to easily get this overall idea where you can work with a dynamic, yet experienced team.