Happy Chinese New Year! Or “Gong Hei Fat Choi” as you’ll be hearing among the hustle and bustle of London’s Chinatown this coming weekend.

The annual celebration has grown from a humble procession along Gerrard Street and Lisle Street to a spectacular event in Trafalgar Square and parade through the West End. With restaurants and shops bracing themselves for a busy weekend, here’s a few tips on where to eat and shop:

The original dim sum trolley – Probably the only restaurant left with the real estate to accommodate carting food indoors, New World on Gerrard Place is a Chinatown institution.

Quick and reliableGolden Pagoda on Gerrard Street serves up fast, reliable, value-for-money dim sum. They’re also only one of a handful of restaurants that has a pictorial menu to save a few embarrassing blushes from ordering something you really didn’t want to eat…

Fire in your belly – For authentic Sichuan fare, Bar Shu on Frith Street has an infamous dish: sea bass with sizzling chilli oil. It's literally a huge bowl of chillies swimming in oil and aromatic spices... good luck finding the fish!

Have your cake and eat it – The Golden Gate Cake Shop has an array of brightly coloured cream cakes and baked goods made fresh daily on site.

Grocery shopping – Don’t be shy to enter Loon Fung supermarket. That small packet of ‘pak choi’ you bought for £2 in Tesco is half the price and twice the amount in here.

Kid in a sweet shopOriental Delight is an emporium of boxed treats from all over China, Hong Kong and Japan. Check out what you fancy, and go buy it at Loon Fung. The mark-up in here is crazy!