Our first profiled artist as part of the Crown x Kinetica collaboration is renowned light artist Chris Levine. Perhaps best known for his portraits of The Queen, The Dalai Lama and Kate Moss. Now showing at Crown Soho - pop in and see how quickly you can see the Infinty logo.

Chris Levine



Materials: Acrylic, LED lights

Chris Levine is a pioneering light artist who works across many mediums in pursuit of sensory experience through image and form. Levine’s work considers light not just as a core aspect of art, but of human experience more widely and a spiritual and philosophical edge permeate his work.

'Infinity' was developed specially for Kinetica 10 years ago and features Levine's innovative blipvert technique.  Using a vertical stripe of oscillating LEDs, imagery is projected into the viewer's peripheral vision.  If the viewer looks past the light source, the visual effect of the infinity symbol can be seen; however, it vanishes as quickly as it appeared, creating an experience in the eternal 'now'.

Levine’s work has been exhibited globally including at MOMA, New York, the National Portrait Gallery, London and countless other galleries worldwide.

A pioneer in his field, Chris's Persistence of Vision effect was produced by Lightvert technology. The company has now applied Chris's idea as an out-of-home (OOH) advertising medium, securing seed funding to expand the technology - see its innovative application here


For more information or to view the works please contact Alwayscurious@crownbc.com