The second featured artist in our month long exhibition in collaboration with Kinetica Arts is José Manuel González with Window to infinity, 2016

Materials: Wood, acrylic paint, LED's and Arduino


Mathematics and the intimate relationship between art and nature are the themes that most interest José Manuel. His works transform themselves, and can be seen as a metaphor for life. New hardware and software technologies have given him the necessary tools to create works of art which are capable of interaction, that generate sound and change colour, as in nature itself. 

He has received a number of grants and prizes, including the Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby’s grant at the Joan Miró Foundation. His participation in exhibitions has spanned over two decades and his work has been showcased extensively in galleries, museums and art fairs across Europe & the Americas. At present he is a resident artist at the Institute of Cultural Research in Malaga.     

A QR code accompanies the work, which viewers can scan in order to enjoy a free piece of music composed by Julian Calvo(Inspektor Gadjet), inpired by "Window to Infinity"


Following on from it's week long residency at Crown, Window to Infinity will be at sketch, London. 

Over the past decade sketch has hosted over fifty major exhibitions of moving image in the gallery. It's initiative is designed to contribute to 9 Conduit Street’s rich heritage as a destination for experimentation in design, art and architecture in a building whose previous incarnations over the past century include hosting the headquarters of RIBA and the Atelier of Christian Dior.