Clarity, empathy and curiosity, are the values which inform our work and shape our relationships with clients and colleagues.  If clarity is in our response, and empathy our guiding principle, then curiosity could best be described as our spirit!

Always Curious evolved as an internal brand, giving a structure and platform to the cultural activities we explore as naturally curious people. Our programme is diverse and wide, and is growing organically through the contribution and passion of our team.  

Our latest exciting venture under Always Curious is our partnership with Kinetica. This ground-breaking new art media fair is in its 10th year and is a must see event on the arts calendar. We’ve long been fans and it’s a rich source of inspiration, showcasing pioneering performative, live performance and media art installations.

This year’s exhibition at UGLY DUCK in London Bridge opened on Friday 17th February and Crown were there to enjoy the show. Here are just a few of our highlights:

Gloop Tower One, Adrian Pritchard

A kinetic live evolving installation which uses time, gravity and a viscous substance known as gloop. A revolving tube spreads the viscous material over a net, making it fall randomly into thin veils of strings that snap, bounce or coil in the air before slowly sinking to the floor. The patterns and formations change due to the subtle differences in humidity and temperature and the movement in the mixture. The resulting work is something strangely organics yet artificial, contextualised within the apparatus space.

Window to Infinity 2016, Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Mathematics and the intimate relationship between art and nature are the themes that most interest Jose Manuel. His works transform themselves and can be seen as a metaphor for life. New hardware and software technologies, such as Arduino and Processing, have given him the necessary tools to create works of art which are capable of interaction, that generate sound and change colour, as in nature itself

Untitled, Tim Lewis

Playfully referred to in the Crown office as ‘the creepy bird’, Tim Lewis’s work raises questions around the boundaries between nature and fabrication and reveals creatures born of mechanics in the same way that genetics engineers use science. They hint to the artist’s imagination and his point of perception which lie beyond their creation, but are also autonomous, new beings that require their own comprehension.

DIE FALLE, Gregory Barsamian

DIE FALLE is the German slang word for ‘Trap’. In this piece, a small human body spills out of the head of a sleeping man. The liquid image of the character alludes to the struggle between the spirit and the body. Applying mechanical know-how, 3-D animation techniques, and what he calls Industrial Revolution-style technology, Barsamian sets his dreams in motion. Strobe lights, synchronised to sequentially sculpted objects, create the illusion and metamorphosis.

Mobile Sphérique 5, Lionel Stocard

A suspended kinetic sculpture in which articulated arcs move in space. The slow and precise movements fill the space with hypnotic beauty. Stocard is a creator of dream machines, his contraptions create a universe to explore the dream state, lucid, floating, without the presence of time, magical and gravity defying. 

The Wave of Kinetica, Jiayu Liu

Liu is a media artist interested in physical visualisation and interactive code. Her challenge has always been to provoke behavioural responses and emotional resonance from audiences without giving away any instructions or explanations. The Wave of Kinetica acts as the divide between two worlds; the land and the sea, heaven and earth, it is constant and always in flux. The work consists of 50 slide rails. Camera identification and computer processors control the motion of 50 motors to realise real-time data transmission of this ever changing wave.

Later this year Crown will be temporarily housing a number of the art pieces from the Kinetica show in our Soho offices, which everyone is welcome to come and experience. Watch this space for more information coming soon ….

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