Concluding our week-long celebration, our final interview for International Women's Day features Crown MD, Nicky Havelaar.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 
It means to me that there are clearly still issues which need to be addressed until such time that every day is an International Humans Day.


As a woman in Events what are your thoughts on it as an industry for women? 
Successful events array qualities of creativity, empathy and tenacity in an organisational matrix best described as ‘multi-tasking’…sometimes gender cliches apply perfectly. 


What are the best bits relating to your role and career to date? 
Working with brilliantly talented and committed colleagues.
Winning and rewarding.
Being in a position to inspire and empower others to influence their own destiny.


And have you ever experienced any negative gender related issues in our industry?
I’d be amazed if there is any woman who hasn't either experienced or observed gender related issues. Man and women are different, that is a fact. We are motivated through different drives. Both genders need to work on how to achieve a harmonious working relationship. You work on the bit you can control: your own brain!


What advice would you give your younger self as you started to navigate your career?  
With regards to the gender landscape I feel that I would pretty much not change anything- so my advice would be: trust your instincts. You'll be ok.

By the way, my soul mate and ultimate sounding board, who gave me the best insight and advice is my husband - he just knows how men think :-))))


What would your hopes be for Women and specifically around the theme of Parity in the future?
I still think women, especially those in charge, can do more to support their colleagues. I hope supportive behaviours strengthen and evolve and help to recognise and respect the differences and reduce the issues around gender. Here's to International Humans Day!


Which women past or present, known or unknown, industry related or wider do you most admire?
Actually my mum, although she had never been in business, she had a clarity of understanding and wisdom quite unparalleled andwithout her I wouldn't be here. On top of that I would say, I admire every woman I know and like... and some I don’t see eye to eye with :-))