Today we feature our project manager Rea Howes as part of our interview series celebrating International Women's Day

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
For me International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to highlight gender related inequalities across the globe. It is a chance to be reminded that unfortunately there is still disparity in rights, freedoms and economics between men and women.

As a woman in Events what are your thoughts on it as an industry for women?
As a whole I feel that the events industry is open to both women and men equally.

What are the best bits relating to your role and career to date?
I like that no two weeks are the same. I am based here in the office in Soho however I’m regularly visiting venues or at client meetings. The best part of my role is working onsite with the rest of the Crown team, there have been some challenging moments but thankfully I work with great people who are all willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done (all with smiles on their faces)J

And have you ever experienced any negative gender related issues in our industry? 
Although I haven’t experienced much negatively some of my friends outside the industry have. It’s sad that they have had to come across this and that it isn’t always easy to speak up.

What advice would you give your younger self as you started to navigate your career? 
Push yourself you can achieve more than you think!

I have been lucky to work for really great people who have seen that while I am quite quiet, I really like to be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. In fact if it wasn’t for my first boss encouraging me to work on a large golf tournament I wouldn’t be working in events today. I would tell my younger self to never stop challenging yourself and never be scared to ask for help!

Oh…. and don’t be frightened to quit your job and go travelling for 6 months with your best friend, you won’t be the oldest people in the hostel, you will get a job when you come back home and it will be the BEST thing you have ever done!!

What would your hopes be for Women and specifically around the theme of Parity in the future?
I hope that one day International Woman’s Day will no longer need to highlight the inequalities between men and women and rather be a day to celebrate how women of the past have overcome these barriers.  It is a long shot at the moment but I do hope that one day it will be true!