In the second instalment of our celebration leading up to International Women's Day, we feature project coordinator Elle Schaerf.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
Steps forward in the right direction for women. A reminder to reflect on how far we have come but how far there still is to go.

As a woman in Events what are your thoughts on it as an industry for women?
It’s a great industry, full of talent and creativity. At Crown we are very lucky to have many inspiring female role models.

What are the best bits relating to your role and career to date?
Getting to work with such talented people and being able to learn and grow from them. Getting to be part of so many memorable events and inspiring clients to push boundaries.

And have you ever experienced any negative gender related issues in our industry? 
Derogatory comments from men in the industry when on-site.

What advice would you give your younger self as you started to navigate your career? 
Be brave and stay strong. Work hard and never give up!

What would your hopes be for Women and specifically around the theme of Parity in the future?
I hope that equality for women continues to improve. Not just in England, all around the world. There are so many countries where women still have no rights and this can’t be forgotten.

Which women past or present, known or unknown, industry related or wider do you most admire?
My mother. Also Jo Horgan, who is the founder of MECCA cosmetics. Jo now has over 60 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, incredibly supportive parents and a beautiful family of her own. She is an incredibly inspirational women.