Our Senior Logistics Manager, Amelia Conti, recently attended the Wilderness Festival in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire and describes some of the festival experiences which could also work brilliantly for Corporate events

Hunter, Gather, Cook

This Sussex based foraging and cookery school, specialises in adventures in wild food, outdoor living and self-sufficiency. At Wilderness they offered wild foraging walks and a deer butchery course. I took part in the deer butchery course where we learnt hands-on how to skin a carcass and then carve up the meat into joints ready for mincing, roasting, an asador, the BBQ or to freeze for later use. During this lesson our teacher also took us through the ethical reasons for whole carcass butchery and hunting, along with how best to prepare the meat and how to use all parts of the animal so there is no wastage.

For corporate events they can do any size of events from 1 person to over 100, and can include butchery, foraging and wild food, outdoor cookery methods, home brewing and wild cocktails, trapping and snaring for fish, fur and feather, shelter building, overnight camps (including all of the above) and wild food banquets.

Their HQ is in Sussex and includes a recently built Tree House which houses the camp kitchen and dining room. They can also bring their HQ to any outdoor space.

A great incentive or team building option for a group who are adventurous and want to experience the wilderness as well as real foodies who appreciate fresh and local produce.

Comedy Cricket

Back at Wilderness once again, the Bearded Kitten-hosted 20/20 Cricket matches on the Saturday and Sunday mornings were both a real highlight. Acknowledged as the only official cricket match on the UK festival circuit, it uses volunteers to make up the two teams with participants dressing in cricket whites with the option of personal protection in the form of leg pads, helmets, jock straps and boxes. Taking inspiration from the legends of iconic sports commentary (think Richie Benaud) two comedians supplied a live feed on the happenings of the game, the teams and spectators much to the delight of the hangover-nursing crowds that sit or lie around the running-track marked boundary.

The scoreboard was complete with a streakers tally (on day 2 we had 23!) and the Sunday match saw the Wilderness XI defeated by Australia – small consolation for perhaps for the recent drubbing Australia received at Trent Bridge the day before…

The game allows people to be as involved as they liked - either by playing or just spectating and enjoying the comedy.

A fun alternative for a summer party or an afternoon conference activity. Streaker tallies optional of course!


A truly immersive experience, Bittersuite is based on the premise of synaesthesia and graphic notation – a sensory experience and stimulation which extends the experience of listening. Sat blindfolded in a chair we were given different sensory experiences in parallel with music; fizzy soft drinks for a more effervescent and bubbly track, fingers brushing the back of your neck in tandem with a violin, a perfume scented silk scarf sliding across your skin as the music slows to a more sexier pace. Its strangely exciting sitting on the chair with all your senses heightened wondering what taste, smell, sound, texture or touch you’ll feel next.

A great idea for a conference workshop or breakout to get delegates to appreciate all their senses.


A chance for festival goers to release their inner Frank or Shirley. Backed by a full 17-piece orchestra members of the audience were invited up on the stage to sing some big band classics while the audience sang along.

Perfect for evening entertainment during a gala dinner – let your delegates who have always dreamed of singing on stage raise the roof.

La Fura Dels Baus

We were teased in the programme with a mystery Saturday Spectacle – which ended up blowing us all away! After the Saturday night headliner George Clinton, the audience at the main stage were invited to stay in preparation for the big spectacle. As music swelled up a large wire framed LED lit human puppet appeared from behind the stage and was danced by puppeters on the ground using poles to control the limbs, head and body, through the crowd. At the music reached crescendo, the puppet raised it hands to the other side of the audience where a crane lifted 30 dancers suspended from bars who performed a dance mimicking a beating heart. A real spine-tingling experience.

The spectacle was curated by La Fura dels Baus - a group of performers who orchestrate shows on a massive scale. They are famed for extravagant urban theatre and large scale choreography which blurs the boundaries between audience and actor.

Including a La Fura dels Baus experience to any experiential event would really get the public talking and bring a brand to life in a large scale way!