Crown has designed and executed two initiatives for easyJet to galvanise its customer service champions and foster better interaction across all easyJet divisions, while also generating valuable content for the airline’s internal and external channels.

The initiatives were launched during March’s inaugural customer service champions’ conference, which was attended by 250 employees. The key focus was to embed the customer service charter values in an engaging manner and ensure a unified approach across all divisions.

Giles Cattle, director of planning and experience at Crown said: “As powerful brand ambassadors, we tasked the easyJet champions with physically demonstrating the core values of their customer charter, which we felt would generate dynamic content for multiple channels.”

The activities were designed to recognise the hard work, dedication and motivation of easyJet’s customer service champions to providing excellent service, while recruiting further champions.   They had to grow belief in the brand and drive advocacy. Crown amplified the impact of the messaging by disseminating multimedia content which celebrated the high levels of engagement with the customer service charter across easyJet’s employee and customer channels.

“Our customer service champions are central to the philosophy of easyJet’s focus on making travel easier for its customers and providing the leading customer service experience in the low cost airline sector,” explained Lisa Burger, head of customer experience at easyJet.

Lisa continued: “We approached Crown because of their experience uniting the Games Makers at London 2012. From the start it was clear they had a sound understanding of our challenge and their ideas brought everyone together and have ensured we have invaluable content to use internally and externally to promote our customer service charter.”

Five teams of approximately 50 people created images of the charter’ core values. Each team worked together to physically create one of the values, working to specific projection-mapped images Crown had created. Each team was filmed and photographed from above before a final image was taken which featured all 250 employees. The result was a series of powerful photographs and footage that will be used internally and externally across multiple channels, including the in-flight magazine.

The second exercise allowed the teams to capture what it means to be a customer service champion in 60 seconds. They had complete freedom and the results included adapted pop songs, short plays and scripted pieces to camera, all of which cemented the employees’ engagement with these values. It also produced invaluable content to use internally.

Giles added: “We provided the right environment for the teams to shape and generate the content. By putting the champions at the heart of each exercise, we really engaged them with the customer charter and what it stands for.”

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