This week marks a milestone for Citroën as they celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original DS.

Hosting their 2015 National Dealer Conference at Birmingham’s newly redeveloped Barclaycard Arena, Crown created and delivered an experience that featured automated giant LED screens, allowing vehicles to drive on the stage and into the audience, and that took the audience through the history of the Citroën and DS brands (Whilst also unveiling a new dual brand strategy for the two ranges). Recently appointed Deputy Director General and DS Brand Director Arnaud Leclerc opened the main plenary. At the heart of the concept was the importance of brand storytelling in a retail environment. Creating an emotional and authentic connection between consumer and brand is critical to commercial success. Concluding the plenary was the marking of a milestone for the DS, celebrating its 60th anniversary and the success of the range from the earliest conception, through to the range today which continues the values and essence of the brand forward into the future.

“The conference was skilfully executed, showcasing the Citroën and DS brands at their very best and delivering on all aspects of our objectives for the day. This year, we wanted to inspire, motivate and inform the audience of our dual brand strategy and the opportunities that lie ahead whilst also making it a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the DS… Crown has helped instil excitement and pride in our brand and we are delighted that our story was able to be brought to life. ”
Neville Staines, Head of National Events, Citroën

Simon Hambley, Director of Live at Crown comments “We’re pleased to be part of Citroën’s celebration in this most important year. We pitched a technically challenging show concept and we are pleased to say that Citroën embraced this idea and exploited it to dramatic effect, paying dividends in terms of audience engagement and message retention.”