How Can Our Event Production Services Help You

Our clients benefit from our 30 years of experience delivering award winning, global event production. Our well established approach goes beyond just providing the technical and production skills for your event. 

Every event production project starts by clearly defining the objective before we start any work. We involve our Creative Team and Experience Planners to develop concepts and ideas for your event. This could include:

  • Event identity
  • Branding
  • Stage design
  • Social media strategy

Event Production Team

Once the creative direction is set, your Event Producer will start the process of putting together the production team to deliver the event. This will include technical experts such as lighting designers, stage designers, sound and rigging experts.

In addition to the technical and production elements of an event, the message is of paramount importance and our team will work with you to help shape the content and agenda of your event. 

We can help with script writing, developing a theme, presenter coaching and designing and programming of visual support.

Every aspect of your event production is mapped out in a critical path that shows how each element of the project is planned and ensures deadlines are adhered to. We have also developed bespoke event production project management tools, providing real time reporting on budget spend and changes at each stage.

As we approach the event we’ll work with your chosen venue to ensure a smooth and safe corporate event. Our production team will oversee the set-up of equipment, using world class suppliers and experienced production technicians. 

We’ll also coordinate and run the rehearsals and ensure that your presenters are comfortable, confident and properly prepared.

Finally, on the day, we’ll be providing you with a world class team of expert technicians and operators experienced in delivering corporate events in your specific industry.

So no matter where in the world you need to hold an event, everything we do is designed to ensure you deliver an engaging, memorable and business relevant corporate event.

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